History of the museum

museum_mg_1Even before 1900 many residents of the Bohemian Forest came to the capital city of Vienna to find better education and opportunity to get work and to earn money. Soon they founded first associations to keep their traditions and customs and thus stay connected with their distant homeland. The breakdown of the museum_mg_2Austrian-Hungarian monarchy and the establishment of Czechoslovakia caused many people to move to Vienna, most notably after the end of the Second World War and the displacement of the German speaking population tens of thousands arrived in Austria.

Here they had to start from scratch, most of them completely broke and without any social or economic background, but immediately they contributed actively to the reconstruction of a destroyed country, which soon became their new homeland.
New associations were founded and amongst them the “First Austrian Museum of the Bohemian Forest”, which was established by Herbert von Marouschek and Karl Haudek. The deputy director of the Austrian National Library, Dr. Robert Teichl  became first chairman of this new museum. First the museum was located in taverns in Vienna, in 1955 it was declared as protected historic monument. In 1960 the museum was united with the collection of the Ore Mountains. Today´s premises in Ungargasse 3 (Hungarian Lane) were opened in 1967.

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